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Edit your own content by using a WordPress website. Its the best way to keep your content fresh and updated all of the time! Let us help by creating you with our beautiful and creative custom WordPress designs.

If you are looking to just put up an information website then our custom WordPress designs are perfect for what you need. Our basic packages are listed below. However, there are a TON of options with a WordPress blog. We can add everything from a full ecommerce store to an invoicing system. The possibilities are basically endless with a WordPress blog. See our packages below and contact us for a quote today!

Silver Blog Design

$1500/One Time
  • This package is for anyone wanting a custom design for their personal blog. If you are starting your own blog this is an affordable way to get up and running. Monthly Hosting Fee Required.

Gold Blog Design

$2000/One Time
  • This package is for anyone wanting a more advanced custom blog design for their website. This package also includes our basic homepage SEO package. Monthly Hosting Fee Required.

Platinum Blog Design

$2500/One Time
  • This package is for anyone wanting the most advanced custom blog design for their website. This package includes a built in blog store and our basic boutique SEO package. Monthly Hosting Fee Required.

Custom WordPress Designs and Creative Blog Websites

Our custom wordpress designs require a 50% deposit. Once the deposit has been received we will then start the work on your project. Once your design has been approved another 25% of the total will be due. Then the final payment before the site goes live. Once you request a quote from us you will receive that quote within 2 business days. Once you have approved the quote an invoice will be sent to you for payment.

Why have a WordPress Blog?

There are thousands of websites on the net right now and a large portion of them are WordPress blogs. Why you might ask? First off a WordPress blog is a simple way to allow someone that doesnt have a lot of web development experience to update their content on the fly. It gives basically anyone the chance to go in and change content, add pictures, and do a lot of other neat things that they otherwise wouldnt be able to do without the use of a web designer.

Second, blogs are amazing for search engine purposes. Since its so easy to update the content on a blog it keeps the search engines coming back to the website to spider for new content. Remember, content is king when it comes to the search engines. The more and better content that you have the better ranking your website will get it.

Third, a WordPress blog is one of the most affordable services that you can get. There are so many different things that can be done with a blog that you just cant go wrong. You can have FAQs, recipes, eCommerce, photo galleries, and more on your blog. The possibilities are just about endless!

REQUEST A QUOTE today for our custom WordPress design services.