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How to start your own home-based online business with a beautiful, affordable, and professional website designed by Site Design Boutique.

How does the ordering process work? 2017-05-01T19:59:34+00:00

For PREMADE BOUTIQUE WEBSITES simply place your order online. Then we will send you to our NEW CLIENT FORM where you will need to fill out additional information about your website. Once we have all of the required information needed from you we will begin working on the customization and implementation of your chosen design into our shopping cart system. You will receive login information and hosting information from us as soon as all payments have been received in full and as soon as the design has been implemented into the shopping cart. Then you can start loading your products into your website and start selling!

REQUEST A QUOTE with information about your website. Be sure to include what you are wanting, the time frame you are needing your project completed in and any other information that you think that we might need. We will contact you via email for additional information. We will then contact you via phone to take your payment information. Your project will begin as soon as your down payment (or payment in full) has been made.

How long will my website or blog design take? 2017-05-01T19:59:03+00:00

Our turn around time is between 4-6 weeks. Faster service is available for an additional fee.

What credit cards do you accept? 2017-05-01T19:58:41+00:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Can I use my own logo design on my site? 2017-05-01T19:58:22+00:00

Absolutely! If you already have a logo send it to us and we will design your site around your current logo.

Do I get the PSD files for my design? 2017-05-01T19:58:01+00:00

No! All design PSD files remain with us. However, you will receive several different file types and sizes of your design so you will have plenty to work with.

Do I need to keep the link for SiteDesignBoutique.com on my website? 2017-05-01T19:57:41+00:00

Yes. As part of our licensing terms and conditions, you are required to leave the link to SiteDesignBoutique.com on your website as well as any graphics links that we place at the bottom of the site for our scrapbook website designs.

Do you offer refunds? 2017-05-01T19:57:14+00:00

We make every effort to make our customers 150% happy! However, since everything that we do is of a digital nature we do not offer refunds on our services or on our template designs for any reason. If you have a problem with our services please just tell us what we can do to fix it. We want you happy with our products and services and we hope that by providing you with great service that you will tell others about us!

Can I use one of your premade templates with my current shopping cart? 2017-05-01T19:56:26+00:00

Yes! While our templates are designed around our own shopping cart, we can pretty much integrate our template into any shopping cart system. Keep in mind that every shopping cart is a little bit different from the next. Therefore, sometimes slight adjustments have to be made to our templates in order to get the template to fit into a particular cart. We have experience with hundreds of different shopping carts and we make every effort to keep the template as close to the original template as possible.

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