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Professional Web Designer with an at home web design business that provides custom graphic design, website design, and SEO services. Together we can make your online presence look GREAT!

Ursula BellMy name is Ursula Bell and my husband John and I own SiteDesignBoutique.com. Our business is run completely out of our home where I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 beautiful children. I have a daughter Jessica age 25, a son Blake age 22, a son Ryan age 19, a son Jackson age 4 years.

My children truly are my inspiration for having a home-based business. I get to spend all of my time with my children while still working a full-time job. Its the most rewarding stay-at-home job that a person could have. I get to be creative and innovative. Lets just say that I love my job!

I started designing websites about 25 years ago. My first was actually an AOL homepage. HA! It was so neat that I could actually put something up on the internet all by myself. From that moment on I was hooked! I started learning everything that I could about website design and have been learning ever since then.

Once I figured out how to design my own website I started looking into online shopping carts. I was so amazed that you could purchase about anything online and you never even had to leave your house. I was even more amazed at the idea of putting up one of my own ecommerce websites and selling my own products online. This fascinated me and I was hooked with my first ecommerce website.

Finally, I had these websites up but were they actually getting traffic? Well, they really weren’t. So, I started looking into the fascinating field of search engine optimization. It was like a race for me to get a website as high in the search engines as I possibly could. I would always pick a high ranking site and then I’d say to myself “I’m going to get my website higher than this site.” That’s when I became obsessed with SEO work. I found out that it’s really not rocket science. It just takes some persistence and some knowledge of SEO techniques.

I’m so glad that you visited my website and I’m glad that you decided to learn more about me. If there is anything that I can do to help you succeed with your online presence please let me know by contacting me. Let’s work together to make you a beautiful and functional website!